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Imbuto hosts second mentorship programme for young men


Imbuto hosts second mentorship programme for young men


Imbuto Foundation yesterday held a young men’s mentorship programme focusing on the young men in the Genocide Survivors Student Association / AERG.


Under the theme, Strong and Dignified, Imbuto Foundation trained and matched 200 young men between the ages of 22-27, with mentors.


The Young Men Mentorship programme is part of the Youth and Empowerment Mentorship programme, which was launched by the First Lady Jeannette Kagame in 2007.


Speaking at the event held in Kigali, Sandrine Umutoni, the Director General of Imbuto Foundation said the mentorship programme is being extended to young men after realizing its positive results from the young women mentorship over the last three years.


She continued her remarks by mentioning that the young women in the mentorship programme requested that it be extended to their brothers due to its enormous benefits.



Umutoni also mentioned that the mentorship programme creates a strong bond between the mentor and the mentee, which can stand the test of time.


Betty Nikuze who has been in the mentorship programme for the last three years said the programme has done wonders, helping her reach her aspirations.


She talked of how her mentor advised her on self conduct including dress code, and self confidence which she believes helped her secure her current job.


"It was on this basis that I requested the boys to be brought on board," Nikuze said. 


Fabien Hakamineza, a student of the University of Rwanda’s College of Business and Economics said he was pleased to be part of the programme.


Through the mentorship programme, Imbuto hopes that the young men will be mentored and supported by inspirational members of the community, leaders and volunteers willing to help shape the young men’s future.


According to Imbuto Foundation, the mentorship programme was created when a group of young women from AERG requested the First Lady Jeannette Kagame to support and mentor them. The programme has since helped inspire and support over 300 young women acquire the social and professional tools needed to lead dignified lives.


Source: http://www.newtimes.co.rw/section/read/215275/
Photo Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeannette_kagame/albums/72157682899411233





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