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Contributing to eliminating mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT)


A “mama kit” is an all-in-one kit containing everything needed to provide a clean and safe delivery containing plastic sheeting, blades, cotton wool, gauze pad, soap, gloves, cord ties, a child health card and an instruction sheet. 

These kits are gifted to expectant mothers once they have completed four (4) antenatal visits. The concept is to encourage pregnant women to participate in ANC visits to ensure both mothers and unborn babies are in good health. Health authorities can also make sure that mothers are not HIV+ and receive proper PMTCT treatment if they are. This is one of the main focuses of our Family Package project. 

With a 3% prevalence rate, AIDS in Rwanda remains stable but mobilization to fight the disease remains high. Rwanda and the global community have committed to accelerate the progress of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDs with a goal to eliminate new pediatric HIV infections by 2015 and improve maternal newborn and child survival and health in the context of HIV. The distribution of mama kits is one of the incentives towards that goal, which is an important step towards an AIDs-free generation.

Funding possibilities:

We envision the distribution of these kits to women associations, which will teach their members to value ANC visits. The kits have a unit cost of RWF 10,000(1)(14.40 USD) and are distributed to 300-500 hundreds young mothers at a time. A recent partnership between Imbuto Foundation and a telecommunications company led to the distribution of mama kits to 300 expectant mothers (RWF 3,000,000).


“Solid Africa”: supporting the most vulnerable in health facilities

Solid Africa is a local NGO founded by young Rwandans which consists in patient feeding program at University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK). It caters to groups who are not always able to buy food for themselves or have no families to bring them food. This is valuable support for public health institutions which are still strengthening their ability to address the whole range of patients’ needs. It is in this transitional context that CHUK welcomed a partnership with Solid Africa to deliver food to the patients.     


Solid Africa mobilizes funds through dinner and gala events in partnership with restaurants and other entrepreneurs. Isabelle Kamariza, the founder is a young woman passionate about their social venture was awarded by Imbuto Foundation’s Chairwoman, the First Lady of Rwanda, in 2013. She was  recipient of the Celebrating Young Rwandan Achievers Award.

In 2014, she was featured in a 3-piece story by CNN African Voices in a 3-piece story.


Solid Africa aims to reach vertical integration whereby they would have control over the whole food chain process from cultivating food, growing crops to cooking and distributing food to hospital patients. They are gathering funds to build an industrial kitchen and bought a 6 ha land where they planted beans and different fruits to design a balanced diet for patients who need it to strengthen their immune system.


Funding possibilities:

To prepare and cultivate the whole land and cater to thousands of patients in need, Solid Africa has estimated their current budget gap at fifty to sixty thousand US dollars (USD 50,000-60,000).



 (1) Exchange rate: 695/USD

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