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3 Main programs

Rwanda Speaks! Youth Forum Series and Celebrating Young Rwandan Achievers.

Imbuto Foundation’s youth programs groom future leaders by empowering them with public speaking and communication skills; providing life skills through mentorship clubs; encouraging innovative solutions and entrepreneurial development; and inspiring them to reach their highest potential by recognizing young Rwandan achievers.

The 3 programs are: Rwanda Speaks! Youth Forum Series and Celebrating Young Rwandan Achievers.



To contribute to the development of future leaders by providing youth with public communication skills, mentorship sessions and interactive forums. 



Youth constitute the largest demographic group in Rwanda and it is important that they be engaged, educated and empowered to fully participate in the attainment of Rwanda’s social, economic and political transformation. To address this reality, H.E The First Lady launched Imbuto Foundation’s Youth Empowerment and Mentorship Program in 2007 which implements various activities on a national scale. 


1. Rwanda Speaks! (2010)


This project promotes self-development through 3 sub components: TV/Radio debates (15-35 years), mentorship sessions in secondary school clubs (S3-S6) and toastmasters’ series for public speaking (18-30 years).



  • One UN  

Achievements & Outcomes

  • 6 mentorship clubs created in schools with 20 mentors and 125 mentees
  • 2 toastmaster clubs in leading universities: NUR & KIST
  • 5 debate cohorts created in 5 secondary schools
  • 6 debate cohorts created in 6 youth centers
  • 10 teachers and 6 youth center managers trained and acting as debate coaches


2. Youth Forum Series (2007)


This program uses forums to bring together different segments of youth and features exceptional speakers on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to communication and self-development. Targeted youth include university students, genocide survivors, young professionals and those in the Diaspora. 


Partners & funding 

  • One UN – UNFPA & UN Women


Progress & achievements to date

  • 20 forums organized since 2007 on various topics 
  • Ndi Umunyarwanda: a series of forums aiming to remind the youth to uphold inherent Rwandan values 
  • Over 6,000 youth reached in all forums


3. Celebrating Young Rwandan Achievers (2007)


This project organizes award ceremonies every 2 years to reward outstanding young Rwandans aged 18-35, who strive towards the highest level of personal and professional accomplishments and forge paths of leadership for all Rwandan youth to follow. Candidates are chosen through a public nomination process and final selection is made by an Imbuto Foundation panel.

On Friday, 11 December 2015, the Ministry of Youth and ICT (MYICT) joined Imbuto Foundation for the fifth edition of CYRWA, which was celebrated with the YouthConnekt Champions Awards, to reward companies or organisations that intentionally steered their activities, focus, resources and determination towards positively impacting the lives of our youth.

Those eligible for that year’s awards were young people who demonstrated vision, leadership qualities, excellence, creativity, initiative, integrity and positive values in their professions; but who also showed evidence of having provided service to their communities and devotion toward the development of the youth, and their communities in Rwanda.

Partners & funding

- Funded by Imbuto Foundation; the Ministry of Youth & ICT (MYICT) starting from 2015

Progress & achievements to date

- 36 awardees since 2007 



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Imbuto Foundation's work is aligned to national priorities and it fulfills ...

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